The Ultimate Cycling Experience

We offer premium cycling holidays in iconic locations with "pro-team" support. From the mythical mountain passes and hors category climbs of the Tour De France, Giro D'Italia & Vuelta De Espana, the gritty romance of classic routes like the Tour Of Flanders & Paris Roubaix to the sunny climate of the Canary Islands we offer you the ultimate cycling holiday experience.

Training | Support | Recovery | Nutrition

By taking care of your training needs, supporting rides, providing high quality functional nutrition and enhancing the recovery process you will eat, sleep, rest and recover like a pro cyclist.

Rides are supported by a fully equipped team vehicle, packed with spare wheels, warm clothes, ride specific food prepared fresh each day and chilled hydration. Our experienced ride guides and bike mechanics will take care of everything else, leaving you to enjoy breathtaking scenery in stunning locations.


All of our packages are based in comfortable accommodation in beautiful locations and you will quickly realise that Neon Velo offer you more than just a winter training camp, cycling holiday or cycle tour.

Supporting Pro Cycling Teams

Discover why pro riders from teams like Rapha Condor Sharp have used Neon Velo and why our road cycling experience is unlike any other road cycling holiday or cycle tour.

"It’s miles better than if you were just to go by yourself. Having the support of the team car behind you carrying all your stuff, you couldn’t ask for much more. I wouldn’t advise going on a training camp without this kind of support”

Professional rider – Rapha Condor JLT

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From the warm weather of Southern Europe and The Canary Islands, ideal for escaping the cold for winter cycle training, to the famous cols and climbs of The Alps and Pyrenees you're sure to experience some of the most spectacular and challenging rides of your life.

To deliver you the ultimate cycling experience we only use quality accommodation in stunning locations.

2013 Packages

Winter Training Camp - Andalucia, Spain

Escape the winter and build up those much needed pre-season miles on the quiet and varied roads of Andalucia, made famous by the 2010 Veulta a Espana

February 16 7 nights 2013 FULLY BOOKED
February 23 7 nights 2013 FULLY BOOKED
March 02 7 nights 2013 FULLY BOOKED
March 09 7 nights 2013 FULLY BOOKED

Le Tour des Alpes Classique

Days after the mighty Tour de France has done battle over the highest mountains of the Alps, you will have the opportunity to follow in the tyre tracks of cycling's greats and do your very own Tour of the Classic Alps.

Starting on the Swiss border in Évian-les-Bains, next to Lake Geneva, crossing the most iconic climbs in the Alps and arriving in Nice with the welcoming deep blue Mediterranean sea to dip your tired legs in, this is a true test. Six days of riding you will not forget in a hurry.

June 14 7 Nights 2014 Spaces Available
June 15 7 nights 2013 FULLY BOOKED

Il Giro delle Dolomiti

If you like the challenge of riding your bike uphill, steep hills, which are long, then look no further than the Dolomites. With their rugged mountain outcrops, steep roads, narrow gorges and highly iconic passes this is a must for all cyclists. With some stand-out names such as Gau, Stelvio and Gavia you are embarking on something epic.

Battleground for the Giro d'Italia, these are roads less well-known but once you experience them, with their full Italian flair and great coffee, you will be counting the days until your return. Harder than the Alps, more scenic than the Pyrénées, this is the trip of a lifetime.

July 12 7 Nights 2014 Spaces Available
July 13 7 Nights 2013 Fully Booked

Le Tour des Pyrénées

The Pyrénées, with their quiet roads, are mountains that are less travelled by many cyclists. Travelling from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, this tour offers something unique.

The Pyrénean climbs are more rugged, less manicured than their Alpine brothers, making this tour feel that little bit more epic and taking you to a new place in your cycling. Our route takes in the greatest climbs the Pyrénées have to offer, whilst skirting along the length of the French-Spanish border.  With all the culture on offer you will experience something unique to this region and some of the best panoramic views.

August 23 7 Nights 2014 Spaces Available
August 24 7 nights 2013 Fully Booked

For custom package options please contact us directly outlining your requirements.
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Cycling holidays can be tough, so why make them harder? We offer the kind of training holiday support that you would only usually find if you were a member of a pro cycling team racing in the Tour, Giro or Vuelta.

Vehicle Supported Rides

All of the bike rides throughout your stay will be supported by two experienced ride guides and our team car. Everything you need will be carried by the vehicle. Freshly prepared and easy to handle food, chilled hydration and spare clothes will travel in the team car. Simply drop back to the car for water, food or to change clothes to suit the conditions.

The support vehicle also carries spare wheels, so you won’t have to chase back to the group after fixing a flat and your bike rides won’t be delayed waiting for other members of the group doing the same. And because the support vehicle drives at the rear of the group, it provides an extra degree of safety by alerting drivers that cyclists are on the road ahead.

Service Course

After each ride our team mechanics will wash your bikes, check for mechanical issues and make sure that your equipment receives as much care and attention as you do.

We really do offer a true Service Course setup. Fixing punctures, carrying food, staying hydrated, keeping your bike clean, or even grabbing that much needed “sticky bottle” back to the group are all part of the experience.

Our team mechanics will wash your bikes, check for mechanical issues and make sure that your equipment receives as much care and attention as you do.


Great cycling holidays with tasty and functional nutrition helps set Neon Velo apart from all other cycling training camps and cycle tours. We take the same approach to sports nutrition as pro cycling teams, and we see no reason why our road cycling experience should be any different.

Real Food

We aim to avoid the need for processed sports supplements by providing you with real, natural and healthy food that provides you with the right fuel at the right time.

The timing of your food intake is just as important as the type of food you are consuming. Our meal plans are designed to give you the right nutrition at the right time. For example, protein (vital in muscle recovery and reducing illness and fatigue) is increased for rest periods and at the end of rides.

Staying Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated properly throughout the ride by simply dropping back to the support vehicle to collect a fresh, chilled bottle whenever you need to take on more liquid.

Nutrition Expertise

Neon Velo works closely with Paul Chamberlain, a performance nutritionist and Head of Sports Nutrition at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. Paul has an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition and supports both elite and amateur athletes in a variety of sports.

Nutritional Partner

We are delighted to announce TORQ as the official nutrition supplier for all of our cycling holidays and tours. Chosen specifically for their commitment to providing the best natural products to fuel bodies and help recovery and repair.

Torq UK Fitness Consultancy

On-Bike Nutrition

All ride food is produced fresh and made daily by your Soigneur and provided in pocket sized mini-meals, such as rice cakes, that can easily be consumed on the bike. These mini-meals are what you see distributed in races like the Tour de France and are carried in the support vehicle. Readily available and tasty we only provide unprocessed food that is both easy on the gut, and easy to handle. This will reduce the bloated, sugary feeling that comes with consuming high quantities of processed, sugary sports bars, gels and drinks over long periods.

Off-Bike Nutrition

We select hotels that provide food made with the freshest ingredients. Breakfast is included to set you up for a day of challenging road cycling and accompanied by a supply of fresh fruit to boost your vitamin levels and support immune function. We can suggest the best post-ride recovery meals to you, keeping you well equipped to make informed decisions when choosing what to re-fuel with. All suggested meals are designed to help you recover and start the fuelling process for the following day.

Visit the Institute of Optimal Nutrition:

Visit Paul Chamberlain's site:

Download Sample Food plans:
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Post ride recovery is essential in helping your body to cope with the additional stress that comes with a week of challenging road cycling. Neon Velo's focus on and investment in recovery is something that you won't experience with other cycling holidays or cycle tours.

Avoiding Injury and Illness

Failing to recover properly often leads to injury, fatigue and illness and can completely undermine any improvements in fitness, strength and conditioning. You will only be able to operate at your maximum level and make the most of the increased mileage if you do everything you can to assist the recovery process.

Normatec MVP Recovery System

We have partnered with NormaTec to offer you the latest in recovery techniques and technologies. By using NormaTec’s MVP system for just 20 minutes each day you will enhance the recovery process by reducing recovery time, reducing feelings of fatigue and achieving faster adaptation to the sudden increase in training loads.

Endorsed by Professional Athletes

The revolutionary NormaTec MVP recovery system is used by scores of professional cycling teams, and athletes from triathlon, basketball, American Football and more. The system provides pulsating dynamic compression to the legs, reducing swelling, muscle fatigue and stiffness which allows for a more rapid recovery.




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